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Abstract: The reforms and modernization of modern Russian education imposes new requirements on teachers, one of which is the constant development of their capabilities and abilities. Development of personnel potential in an educational institution needs careful organization and management of this process. This article is devoted to the problem of personnel potential management in a preschool educational institution. The relevance of this problem is caused by the requirements imposed on preschool education by the state in the forms of the federal state educational standard of preschool education and the professional standard of a teacher, and by parents (guardians) of children attending preschool institutions. At this stage, the problem lies in the quality of the staff of preschool educational institutions. Teachers have no desire and motivation to develop their skills and abilities. In this connection there is a need to organize and manage the development of personnel potential of preschool educational institutions. One of the main instruments of personnel potential management in a kindergarten is acquaintance of preschool teachers with methods of teaching aimed at the development and perfection of their professional competence. The authors identified cognitive (acquisition of new knowledge), activity-based (versatile learning activities) and value-based (introduction of the scale of professional values) components in the professional competence of teachers and developed a complex of activities promoting development of professional competence of teachers which has been tested in kindergarten № 495 of Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region. Approbation of the complex of teaching methods contributed to the introduction of modern technologies in the educational process, as well as to the improvement of the professional competence of preschool teachers.
Key words: Personnel management; personnel potential; preschool educational institution; methodological work; professional competence; Federal state educational standard of preschool education; professional standard of the teacher; professional standard.

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Blinova, O. A. Organization of Methodological Work in Kindergarten as an Instrument of Personnel Potential Management in a Preschool Educational Institution / O. A. Blinova, E. V. Bedrina, E. S. Sabirova // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2018. – №9. – P. 38-43.