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Рубрика: Innovative Technologies in Philological Education
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Abstract: Nowadays training a student as a personality is an important characteristic of the system of the general secondary education. The main task is formation of a new personality of a student which is different from the existing one. A student should possess knowledge of culture of his motherland and should have the image of the universe «picture of the world». «The picture of the world» consists of its different fragments. That is why the system of information about the world presents the system of special concepts, images of the world which people have. People’s experience of values is kept and verbalized in the concept — mental item of the language. In this connection forming of valuable orientation of students is determined by studying The Russian language as a system of embodiment of cultural values which are in the concepts. That is why linguocultural information can help successful development of student’s personality.

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Abramova, I. A. Personality Development in the Process of Language Education: Linguoculturological Approach / I. A. Abramova // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2009. – №1. – С. 59-64.