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Abstract: The idea of patriotism, wich has a great role in education of students, is discussed in this article on the basis of the works of three Russian writers A.S. Pushkin, N.V. Gogol and L.N. Tolstoy. Analyzing the works of the Russian writers, the author pays special attention to such topics as confrontation with the outer enemy, criticism of serfdom, the love for motherland, admiration of Russian nature. Today many students in China feel lack of patriotic spirit that is why it is necessary to introduce patriotic education in educational establishments. It is important to combine theory and practice, education and self-education. Patriotic education has a strategic role in formation of socialistic society. The author of this article underlines, that modern students are the future of the country, their mission is reawakening of the national spirit. The images and motives created by the Russian writers may help to do it.
Key words: Russian literature; Russian writers; patriotism; patriotic education; artistic image; educational means.

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Man, Qi Hei. Russian Literature of the XIXth Century – The Basis for Patriotism of Students / Qi Hei Man, T. E. Sutyagina // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2016. – №12. – P. 142-148.