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Abstract: The article deals with the urgency of gender research in the sphere of science and education of Russia. The interest to the topic emerged due to the conduct of the Urals World Women University Presidents Sub-Forum “Pedagogical University and Leadership in Education”. Gender issues are looked upon as objects of socio-humanitarian knowledge developing as a unity of interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical research. The analysis of gender disbalance in the scientific and educational spheres gives grounds for reflection on the causes, peculiarities and main aspects of this issue. The author analyzes its contradictory character and the paradoxical nature of the current situation as manifestations of gender asymmetry. The given article may be of interest to the participants of educational relations, scientific community and the colleagues from the PRC.
Key words: Gender; gender disbalance; gender structure; gender disproportion; feminism of education; fundamental asymmetry; women

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Zabara, L. I. Women in Russian Science and Education / L. I. Zabara // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2018. – №1 . – P. 102-104 .