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Abstract: The topic of the article is urgent due to the growing popularity of the Russian language as an academic discipline in China, which can be attributed to strengthening economic and cultural ties between Russia and China. The methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language to Chinese students at beginner level in China and in Russia are compared in order to improve the methods of teaching Russian in China. The specificity of the existing situation consists in the fact that in China, as a rule, students begin to learn Russian as a foreign language only at the university, without having elementary knowledge about the Russian language before entering it. Both in China and in Russia, teaching Russian as a foreign language is based on intensive reading courses. The article characterizes popular Chinese Russian language guides, and the peculiarities of teaching with their help in China. The authors single out the factors of effectiveness of teaching this subject in Russia: 1) presence of language environment, opportunity of immersion and practical application of the knowledge acquired; 2) purely methodological reasons: orientation towards oral speech, formation of communicative competences, which is not so marked in China, focusing attention on control of acquisition of grammar rules; 3) intensity of teaching: the teacher seldom uses monologue utterances, and the student is expected to take active part in the dialogue with the teacher.The article formulates recommendations for improving teaching Russian in China: focusing attention on practical skills and formation of communicative competences, conducting lessons in Russian, communicating with other students out of class in Russian, and using the Internet resources (learning current news in Russian).
Key words: Methods of teaching Russian; Russian as a foreign language; preparatory departments; methods of teaching; intensive reading courses; method of dialogue dramatizing; language environment.

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Jiao, F. Brief Analysis of an Intensive Reading Course: Comparison of the Methods Used at Intensive Reading Courses at Preparatory Departments of Russia in Comparison to Teaching at Beginner Courses of Russian In China / F. Jiao, L. Qiaoqi // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2018. – №11. – P. 132-137.