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Abstract: The first five-year plans were introduced in the country as a time of rapid industrialization, creation of the industrial base to strengthen the defense power and they marked the Soviet entry into the stage of industrial society. A special place in five-year plans was assigned to the Urals. It was supposed to be "mid-industrial" defense "base" of concentration of technical fields, which would become the basis for industrialization in general. The implementation of the industrialization of the region, the construction of giant enterprises such as Uralmash, Magnitogorsk iron and steel works, Chelyabinsk tractor plant, Uralvagonzavod, etc., demanded development of the appropriate infrastructure, reliable transport and communication. The amount of transmitted information is constantly increasing. Telecommunication played an important role in the development of the economy. Trends in the development of industrial society demanded priority development of the telecommunication system of education, improving its contents, methods and forms. The planned rapid growth of the Ural industry demanded a significant increase in the number of specialists with higher and secondary special education. In this regard, it is interesting to study the history of development of telecommunication education in our country and specifically in the Urals. The bulk of the specialists for the fast growing industry of the region were taught at vocational colleges. This article examines the creation and formation of the Ural technical school of telecommunication – the first educational institution of telecommunication education in the Urals.
Key words: Industrial society; telecommunication; vocational college; vocational education; telecom; telecommunication education; colleges.

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Martushov, L. N. The Development of Telecommunications Education the Urals / L. N. Martushov, L. N. Evdakova // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2018. – №2. – P. 5-14.