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Abstract: The article describes the project about the prominenet contemporary linguists in Russia called “Faces of Modern Russian Philology”. It is underlined that linguists should be aware of the current trends in Linguistics and should know scientific linguistic schools of today. The authors of this article prove that this project may be of use not only for linguists but for all those interested in Philology as well; it may give an overview of contemporary Linguistics. The program is suitable for the people with different level of knowledge: students may fill the gaps in their knowledge of Linguistics, as the scholars who took part in this project do not use complicated terms, they try to explain complex phenomena in a simple language. The project covers different problems of modern Russian Philology: language and speech, spheres of communication and styles of the Russian language, language and culture. The length of episodes (15-16 minutes) makes it possible to use them in classes of Linguistics. It is believed that it is necessary to continue work on this project and invite regional linguists, including those from Republics of Russia, to take part in it, as their ideas arouse interest not only in Russia but also abroad.
Key words: Russian philology; information and communication technologies; linguistics; philology; spheres of communication; Russian; educational programs.

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Dudareva, Z. M. Internet Resources in Classes of Linguistics at University / Z. M. Dudareva, S. V. Minibayeva, A. S. Tenikhina // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2018. – №5. – P. 105-108.