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Abstract: The article discusses the problems that arise due to the change of the labour market demands to the specialists in the Humanities, especially to the professional skills of advertising and PR experts. These changes are caused by the rapid development of information technologies which stimulate education to adjustment and perfection of educational programs and promote the high quality educational trajectories of students. The article analyzes theoretical and practical aspects of integrative approach in teaching Bachelors in Advertising and PR. Integrative approach includes intra-subject, cross-subject and super-subject integration. The article pays special attention to the goals and tasks of practical training, to the development of exercises and assessment of its results. The goals of practical training are consolidation of knowledge and acquisition of basic practical skills in problem solving, as well as formation of the full picture of the content and types of professional activity in advertising and PR. The article describes the experience of practical training in the Department of Advertising and PR. The students majoring in “Advertising and PR” take part in the development and organization of the Festival «AD&PR. NON STOP». The tasks of practical training have integrative and super-subject nature, which makes it possible to teach students solve professional problems in different ways, to use the knowledge in creative tasks performance and to develop the skills of research work.
Key words: Integrative approach; teaching specialists; Bachelor’s degree; advertising; PR; practical trilling; students.

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Korotun, A. V. Super-Subject Integration in Practical Training of “Advertising and PR” Students / A. V. Korotun, M. A. Nikolaeva // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2018. – №6. – P. 69-74.