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Abstract: The paper discusses the perspectives for cooperation between Russia and China in the frames of the project “Economic Belt of the New Silk Road”, which give good opportunities for young people. As the economies on these countries are close connected, learning Russian opens wide opportunities for young people. There is much experience in Russian philology and translation studies in China, which forms a good theoretical basis for teaching young people, who should inherit and develop the achievement of the predecessors. Favourable economic conditions increase the demand for young Russian-speaking scientists. In spite of these facts there are a lot of difficulties, which are also discussed in this article.
Key words: Russian as a foreign language; methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language; Chinese students; intercultural communication.

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Doungfang, Zhao. Learning Russian in the Atmosphere of the New Silk Road / Zhao Doungfang, I. V. Kirilova // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2016. – №12. – P. 162-164.