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Abstract: Due to continuous strengthening of Chino-Russian strategic cooperation and the realization of the concept of “One Belt And One Road”, training of skilled professional russianists meets the social trend and the requirement of the economic development of Jilin province. The prospective russianists should have deep knowledge of Russian; they should not only understand oral speech, speak well, read, write and translate but also have good knowledge of business, Russia and the English language. Some traits of character are also essential, among them are hardworking, honesty and fidelity. Training should be focused on the future opportunities, strengthening of professional qualities and prevailance of practice. Because of the lack of comprehensive skilled russianists under the concept of “One Belt And One Road”, it is necessary to develop a practical model of teaching Russian-speaking specialists. Based on the analysis of the training status of russianists in institutes of higher education in our province, taking into account the reform of training system of russianists at the department of the Russian language and literature at the university of “Huaqiao” for example, we are proposing a practical model of training russianists in China.
Key words: Integrated russianist; curriculum; teaching concept; teaching model; training evaluation.

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Shujuan, Zhou. Theory and Practice of Integrated Professional Russianists / Zhou Shujuan // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2016. – №12. – P. 171-175.