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DOI: 10.26170/po20-04-17
Abstract: The article deals with the problem of formation of linguacultural competence of Chinese student in the process of their professional training in higher educational institutions. At present, as international communication and cooperation between China and Russia expand, including in the educational sphere, more and more Chinese students come to Russia to receive various forms of language education in universities. However, ignorance of the culture of the Russian people and national socio-cultural norms will have a negatively influence on their intercultural communication. This makes relevant researches on the formation of linguacultural competence of Chinese students of Russian. This article adopts a number of methods, including text analysis, a questionnaire, comparative analysis and diagnostic analysis. The purpose of our research is to substantiate the need to use culturally marked practical material in the process of forming the linguistic and cultural competence of Chinese students of the Russian language. The article analyzes the way to cultivate Chinese students’ linguacultural competence and the way to know about the culture and history, the essence of national culture and foster the awareness of national culture. These will help students to identify specific culture, understand the world prospect in language and its embodiment, including psychology, character, customs and so on. It’s hoped that this article will help students to increase their motivation to learn the Russian language, to master the world prospect in language of the language they learned, understand their psychology and ultimately develop their linguacultural competence.
Key words: Linguistic and cultural competences; cultural linguistics; intercultural communication; Chinese students; philology students; language units; background knowledge; Russian as a foreign language; methods of teaching the Russian language; methodology of the Russian language at the university.

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Shang, Jinyu, Davletbaeva, R. G. (2020). Development of the Linguacultural Competence of Chinese Students of Russian in the Process of Teaching Russian // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2020. – №4. – P. 140-146. DOI 10.26170/po20-04-17.