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Abstract: The article is devoted to the role of intellectual mental activity in thematically oriented foreign language reading. The aim of the article is to analyze and show the role of mental operations in the given kind of reading. The article deals with interrelation between language categories and the categories of thinking and of thematically oriented reading and readers’ information support. The given examples show the way thematically oriented reading is realized. The article enumerates the main principles of selecting texts and their fragments. Thematically oriented referential reading using key words becomes a necessary part of learning to get acquainted with scientific research in the professional sphere and in any other sphere where it is necessary to chose, collect and keep information fragments on a certain problem in order to be able in the future to reveal, think over, understand and use important information in the process of solving tasks in education, science, production, advanced training and realization of innovations. This process will be effective provided the reader possesses active intellectual thinking.
Key words: Thematically oriented reading, keywords, referent, referential matrix, intellectual mental activity.

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Chervenko, Y. Y. Intellectual Thinking in Thematically Oriented Referent Reading / Y. Y. Chervenko // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2016. – №1. – P. 215-220.