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Abstract: Teaching a foreign language plays the decisive role in teaching any discipline in China. That is why researchers and specialists keep discussing foreign language teaching methods mostly suitable for China. Learning Russian is an inseparable part of foreign language study in China. There are many methods of its teaching: from the audio-visual method and the initial translation method up to the method of conscious comparison and the cognitive method. In order to raise the level of education, it is necessary to find optimally suitable methods of teaching, which became a prerogative for creation of the method of speech practice. The principle of communication is the main method of speech practice. It consists in creating conditions for the students to understand how to use Russian in everyday life, how to convey the speaker’s thought to the listener in the most correct and clear manner orally and in writing. It is necessary to observe certain rules to raise the efficiency of teaching: understanding the students’ personality and their level of proficiency in the language, formulation of the methods and techniques of teaching and achievement of the set aim by a certain time. But it should be noted that teaching Russian to a certain extent depends on the development of Chinese-Russian commercial, economic and cultural relations; that is why the method of speech practice plays a special role in teaching Russian as a foreign language, and namely – it makes it possible to train qualified specialists in Russian over a limited period of time.
Key words: Russian as a foreign language; methods of teaching Russian; Chinese students; methods of teaching; speech practice; speaking.

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Syutszyuan, Syuy. Speech Practice Method of Teaching Basic Russian as a Foreign Language (By the Example of Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute) / Syuy Syutszyuan, A. I. Suetina // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2016. – №12. – P. 119-122.