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Abstract: The article discusses the problems of training future teachers of Technology to give master classes as one of modern creative forms in methodological work. We describe a technique of giving master classes in "Theory and Methods of Teaching Technology" for Bachelors of the 3 course on the Technology and Business profile. A list of topics for lectures on organization and training of future teacher to give master classes in Technology is provided. Requirements to master classes in Technology for secondary school students are offered. As an example we describe practical classes, in which students develop and give master classes in various topics of the subject “Technology”.
Key words: A master class; teachers’ training; teachers of Technology; methods of teaching Technology; practical classes.

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Perevalova, T. V. Training of Future Teachers to Give Master Classes in Technology at School / T. V. Perevalova // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2016. – №12. – P. 286-289.