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Abstract: Innovative development in Russia is determined by the continuous changes in the life of the society, fast development of high technologies, perfection of equipment, high speed of science and technology development; these factors explain the need for modernization of the Russian educational system. The article presents the model of the activity of teaching staff in planning the ways of development of educational organizations, including the organizational actions to ensure inclusion of teachers in the planning process, development and implementation of innovations for sustainable development of the organization, the stages of this type of activity, conditions of its implementation, relationships between the elements of this process. The tools to determine readiness of the teaching staff to planning the ways of development of organizations of secondary professional education are described. The mechanism of the teaching team, ensuring good planning of development is presented. The main criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching staff activity in planning the ways of development of organizations of secondary professional education is considered (effectiveness is determined by the progress of the reaching staff in the branches of the secondary education institution, by the quality of organization of exams, by the results of research work of the students, by the results of enrolement).
Key words: College; project; program of development; teaching staff; education organization.

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Biktuganov, Y. I. Planning of Secondary Professional Educational Organization Development / Y. I. Biktuganov, S. L. Fomenko // Pedagogical Education in Russia. – 2016. – №12. – P. 213-224.